The 6 Keys to a Smooth Move

September 15, 2020


The 6 Keys to a Smooth Move

Moving isn’t fun for anyone. But what is fun? That’d be moving into your new house and making it a home.

Are you itching to move into that new place, but dreading the packing and moving part? Fortunately, there are several ways you can lighten the load and make the process easier.

Just take these six steps:

1. Clear out the junk first.

Don’t waste your time (or money) packing and moving items you no longer want or need. To ease your burden, start by decluttering the house first.

Clear your closets of any clothes that no longer fit, empty the junk drawers, and donate all the old toys your kids no longer play with. The place will look cleaner, and you’ll have less work to do moving forward. (You could even try selling those items on Facebook or Craiglist to make some extra moving cash).

2. Start working early — at least a few months out if possible.

If you wait until the week before the big day to start packing, your move will be significantly more difficult. If possible, try to begin the process well in advance — ideally, as soon as you know you’re moving.

In the first few weeks, you can pack away items you don’t use daily, and then gradually move up to bigger items as the days go on. You might even consider renting a storage pod. These sit in your garage or yard, and you can fill them up as you go. When it’s time to move, they’ll transport it to your new house, where you can unpack it at your convenience.

3. Get help where you can.

Even if you can’t afford professional movers, you’ll want to arrange help wherever you can — even if it’s just from your kids. Ask loved ones to help you pack, get friends to assist with loading the moving van, or ask a neighbor with a truck to lend a hand.

Though you could probably handle the move all on your own, the more hands you have on deck, the easier and faster it’s going to go. Plain and simple.

4. Stow your must-haves separately.

The week before your moving day, pack a duffel bag full of must-haves — things like toothbrushes, underwear, pajamas, a few changes of clothing, and some basic kitchen essentials (paper plates, napkins, etc.)

Chances are you won’t feel like unpacking the day you arrive at your new place, so having these on-hand will allow you some time to relax and settle in. (You also never know what might get lost or damaged along the way. You don’t want to be sans toothbrush until you can find the nearest store!)

5. Organize by room (and maybe even color-code it all).

Don’t throw things in boxes haphazardly. (That’s just asking for an uphill battle come unpacking time). To make things easiest at move-in and during unpacking, organize your boxes by room and avoid mixing and matching.

You might even want to color-code your boxes so you know where to place them easily upon move-in. Colored markers or Post-It notes are a good option here.

6. Consider the details.

Getting from point A to point B with all your belongings is the big picture, but the small details matter, too. How are you going to entertain the kids on the long drive? Where will Fluffy and Fido sit in the car? What route will you take?

These are all little details that I will make a big difference on the day of your move, so sit down, and map it all out well ahead of time.

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