How to Make Your Listing Stand Out

July 31, 2020


How to Make Your Listing Stand Out

Having a top-notch listing is more important than ever.

Thanks to stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures, the majority of homebuyers are shopping online. They’re doing virtual tours, they’re FaceTiming for live, digital walkthroughs, and they’re even making sight-unseen offers when the property’s right.

In short? Those cookie-cutter listing descriptions and iPhone photos aren’t going to cut it anymore.

If you’re planning to list a home this summer, follow these tips to make sure your listing stands out from the pack:

1. Prep and stage the home before putting it on the market.

Before you even begin to think about listing the home, take some time to clean it, declutter it, and really pare it down. You want the home to look spacious, airy, and full of possibilities, so take out any personal items, remove furniture you’re not using, and take everything off the walls. Make the property a clean slate for the photographer or videographer you bring in.

2. Include a 3D walkthrough and floor plan.

These are non-negotiable in current times. Buyers need to have a way to “walk the home” so to speak, regardless of whether they’re doing it in-person or from the comfort of their computer or mobile device. 3D floor plans are also critical — especially for buyers shopping from afar. They can make it easier to evaluate layout, get a pulse on what furniture will fit where, and address all kinds of other concerns and questions.

3. Add video.

Great photos just aren’t enough in today’s market. You also need video — something that makes the buyer feel like they’re really there, live and in-person. To achieve this, think about including a video tour, or you could even create a full marketing video around the home, highlighting its top features and amenities.

4. Link out to a full property website.

You can only include so much on a typical MLS listing. Want to go more in-depth or really market your property? Consider creating a dedicated property website, and linking out to it instead. You could even use SEO to help it rank in Google searches. Every little bit of traffic helps — especially in a competitive market.

5. Encourage virtual tours.

Finally, make sure live, virtual tours are an option. Many agents are swapping open houses for tours on Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime, allowing buyers to “see” a home, without actually setting foot in it. Make sure your agent is open to these showings, and be ready to make your home available for them. (Have a go-bag and a designated place to go. In a hot market, last-minute showing requests are common).

The bottom line

Homebuyer demand is surging, and with in-person showings scarce, a great listing is your home’s best hope in today’s market. Make sure to consult an experienced real estate agent for more help selling your home at top price, and don’t forget to get preapproved before shopping for your new home. Get in touch with Premier Nationwide Lending today to get started.

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