5 Smart Home Devices You Should Consider Installing

October 30, 2020


5 Smart Home Devices You Should Consider Installing

Smart home technology isn’t just trendy or cool. The best smart tech? It has much bigger benefits.

It’s true: The right technologies can lower your energy bills, reduce your home’s environmental footprint, and even keep your home safer and more secure.

Are you looking to enjoy some of those advantages in your own house? Then here are the smart home devices you should think about installing:

1. A smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats are designed to learn and adapt to your habits as a homeowner. They customize your home’s cooling and heating efforts to your schedule, and they can even detect a room’s occupancy, hot and cold spots, and more.

The best part? They can save you big on your home’s energy bills. In fact, the Ecobee is said to reduce your annual energy costs by a whopping 23%.

2. A video doorbell.

Video doorbells are great for home security purposes. You can use them to view, record, and even talk to anyone that approaches your house, and you do it all from your mobile device, too. They’re also good for checking on packages, screening out door-to-door solicitors, and more.

3. A smart hub.

Smart hubs like the Google Nest, the Amazon Echo, and Samsung’s Smartthings can help things run more smoothly around the house. You can use them to control different parts of your home — like your lights, security cameras, locks, thermostats, and more — and they also have other added features. Use them to keep a running grocery list, play music, listen to podcasts, play games, or even order things on Amazon.

4. Smart plugs.

Smart plugs — or smart outlets, sometimes — make it easy to conserve energy and reduce your energy bills. Here’s how they work: You plug your various devices into one (they usually have several slots), and then plug the device into the wall. You can then control the plugged-in devices via voice, mobile app, or smart hub, or sometimes, even set a schedule for when you want those items in use. (Maybe have the coffee pot turn on 10 minutes before you wake up?)

5. A smart lock.

Smart locks are another wise upgrade you might want to think about. Not only do they mean never losing your keys again (you only need your phone to unlock!), but they can also make it easier to let in visitors — your dog walker, house sitter, babysitter, or just your kid when he gets home from school. It’s a nice convenience to have and can even make it easier once you’re ready to sell the property (showings are a cinch).

The costs of smart home tech

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