4 Tips for Handling Showings Over the Holiday Season

December 19, 2022


Beautiful Christmas tree and sofa in contemporary living room

Preparing for showings is no easy feat. As the seller, you have to keep your home clean and be ready to make a graceful exit at a moment’s notice, all in hopes of getting an offer. Unfortunately, this pressure is only magnified over the holidays, which is why we brought you four tips for handling showings over the holiday season. Keep reading so that you know how to effectively tackle showings in the midst of all your other seasonal commitments.

Clearly communicate your holiday schedule

The holidays are a busy time for most of us. Between parties with friends or coworkers and gatherings with family, there are bound to be more events on your schedule than usual. However, if you’re planning on hosting any gatherings at home, you need to communicate the timing to your real estate agent as early as possible.

Put simply, your real estate agent needs to know when you will be unable to leave your home in the event that a buyer wants to come through for a showing. If they know that information in advance they ensure that no showings are scheduled during that timeframe.

When in doubt, err on the side of saying you’ll be unavailable. After all, no one wants to be trying to get their home ready for prospective buyers while also trying to get a holiday meal on the table.

Plan for buyers to bring outdoor gear

If you live in an area that experiences inclement weather during the holiday season, you’re going to want to plan for prospective buyers to bring outdoor gear with them. Plus, create space for them to store it. While no one wants muddy boots and wet jackets traversing through their home any time of year, it definitely shouldn’t happen after you’ve spent time decorating for the season.

To that end, consider putting an extra coat rack and welcome mat in your entryway for jackets and footwear. Alternatively, you can consider providing booties for buyers who may be unable to easily slip out of their shoes. If you feel so inclined, you can even make up a sign that politely instructs buyers to use the storage provided.

Keep holiday decor neutral

While you may have heard this tip before, it’s so important that it bears repeating. Whenever possible, holiday decor should be kept neutral while you’re listing your home for resale. Unfortunately, over-personalized design elements can unintentionally limit the pool of interested buyers.

Try your best to keep things seasonally appropriate yet universally appealing. Consider limiting religious objects and family heirlooms in favor of more subtle decor. A chunky blanket and a scented candle will go a long way toward making your home feel warm and welcoming without feeling overly individualized.

Prepare for the seasonal slowdown

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for buying a home. In the fall, the real estate market tends to slow down as people prepare for the holiday season. This means that you may experience fewer showings than you would if you listed during another time of year. Given that, you’re going to want to take care to accommodate the showings that you do have on the books.

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